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Find a Largo Roof Repair company. Providing roof repairs and replacements in Florida since 2002.  Giving quality workmanship at an affordable price. Got a roof leak? Call for a FREE roof inspection and cost estimate.

Why Would You Hire a Largo Roof Repair Company?

For our group of hardworking roofers…

Are trained to give the best value and best service as possible. To make sure the workmanship of the repairs holds up for 20-30 years. We take great pride in that and we GUARANTEE IT!

We’ve been proudly doing repair jobs and travel within 25 miles outside of Largo.

Note: Good licensed roof repair company handles all of the Permits for roof repairs.

(Roof inspections: takes about 30-60 mins to inspect. Ask the roofing contractor to take photos of the damaged areas and show them to you. It's a good idea when getting a roof repair or replacement.)

Tip of the day: Before hiring any roof repair company in Largo, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) highly recommends that you see a copy of their proof ofinsurance protection” as well as “business license“.

Largo Roof Repair: Typical Costs of Roof Repairs in Florida

The table below reveals exactly the cost of roof repairs and where moisture is most frequently to be located by type of roofing material:

Example: A permit to repair a roof on a 1,350-square-foot home costs between $150 and $400.

Major water damage from a roof leak can cause a big problem and change the costs from a simple roof repair to a roof replacement. One other factor that can effect the cost is whether your roof has skylights or chimneys or damage to the rafters.

That can raise the costs so you are going to have to work a deal out with your roofing contractor. The price of fixing flashing around the waterproofing can be between $200 to $500, while the area around the window can average anywhere between $300 and $500.

(Largo roof repair strategy: Double layer roof shingles to keep the price of repairs down. That by installing asphalt shingles on top of your existing roof top rather than replacing it, would generally reduces its life of protection by 20%. Remember now these are 20-30 guaranteed asphalt shingles. This is a very popular way to fix your roof and you also save a lot of money.)

Various Types of Roofing Shingles

  • roof shingles (most popular)
  • asphalt roof
  • clay roof
  • metal roof
  • solar roof

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